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Last Week several members of the #CountMeIn team had the pleasure of having a conversation with the owners of CDC Studios. We had a studio tour given by Mrs. Shannon Birden and had full access to each of the recording rooms, while she explained the importance of having a full entertainment recording studio in the heart of downtown Lancaster.

Mr. Devin, aka Iamkingpen, invited us to sit at the meeting room; he was very eager to hear from the group leader Robin Rosenthal talk about the project. As usual, she explained with detail what #CountMeIn is and what the goals are. Mr. Kevin wanted to know how their studio could assist in this venture.

What started as a conversation became a brainstorming session where we all participated. He was very excited to hear that this project will involve the talented young musicians in our community. Among several of the ideas Mr. Devin really supported was to have a writing workshop for a music project and write a song with the message #CountMeIn.

As we talked about the possibilities of a music engagement, the idea of doing a video recording was brought and “We are the World” was mentioned as inspiration.

David E. Martin gave us a really great phrase which became the highlight of the meeting. He said “Turn up the volume of the community”.


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