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Rental FAQ

How do I reserve a date for my event?
You may reserve a date for your event upon completing the required application agreement.  The application agreement may be sent to you via email or you may pick one up anytime during regular business hours.  After completing the application a deposit is required to reserve the date.  Reservations are first come first serve.
Is my security deposit refundable?
Yes, your security deposit is refundable IF you leave the facility as found or IF you cancel your event TWO WEEKS prior to the event.
Is my security deposit included in my rental price?
NO, your security deposit is separate from your rental price and is refundable IF the requirements are fulfilled.
How much time do I have to set-up for my rental?
Your set-up time is from the time your rental begins and ends.  Example rental 5pm-12am your set-up time will begin at 5pm.
Am I allowed to have a BBQ or Grill at my party?
We have a NO open flame policy.  Including but not limited to bbq’s, grill’s, candles, etc…Hot Plates are permitted.
Can I put up an awning shade or umbrellas?
Can I have alcohol at my event?
Yes, Alcohol may be served only if customer provides an outside Liability Insurance Certificate of at least up to 1 million dollars. The event must have a person serving alcohol with their ABC(Alcohol and Beverage Control) license. A Ranger will be required at an additional cost.
I am a business do I need to provide my own separate insurance?
How far in advance can I make a reservation?
You may make a reservation up to two years in advance.
How many tables do you have?
10 -  (5ft) round tables, 11 - (6ft)  rectangular tables and 10 - (8ft) rectangular tables
How many chairs do you have?
We have 120 black fabric chairs with silver lining. 100 folding white resin chairs. 
Do you provide wi-fi?
Yes, Wi-fi is available for an additional $28.00
Can we use MOAH logo on our invitations?
NO, you may use the address. 
Will MOAH staff be available to help set-up?
NO, after agreeing on a tables/chairs set up  for your event MOAH staff will already have the setup upon arrival to MOAH. 
Prohibited items: 
Open flames, fireworks, confetti, glitter, water balloons, and fog machines (only allowed outside of the lantern room).
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