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Walk of Honor

The Aerospace Walk of Honor program pays tribute to the outstanding accomplishments of distinguished test pilots. Sidewalk monuments along West Lancaster Boulevard continue to honor the contributions of these brave men and women.


As the first project in the United States to honor test pilots, the Lancaster's Aerospace Walk of Honor program acknowledges the City of  Lancaster's seventy-five year tradition as the nation's Host City and aerospace center. The program's purpose is to honor a distinguished group of internationally known experimental test pilots who flew at Edwards Air Force Base during their careers. 

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The Aerospace Walk of Honor was established by the Lancaster City Council in 1990. The project awards recognition to test pilots whose aviation careers are marked by significant achievements beyond one specific accomplishment. In a profession where extraordinary achievement is the norm, honorees selected for the Aerospace Walk of Honor were those who soared above the rest. The Aerospace Walk of Honor program was completed in 2009 when the 100th honoree was inducted.


California artist Robert Schaar has painted a series of portraits of the Center’s NACA/NASA pilots inducted into the Aerospace Walk of Honor.


These Include:


  • A. Scott Crossfield Walk of Honor 1990

  • Joseph A. Walker  Walk of Honor 1991          

  • Fitzhugh L. Fulton Jr. Walk of Honor 1991

  • Neil A. Armstrong Walk of Honor 1991            

  • William H. Dana Walk of Honor 1993               

  • Milton O. Thompson Walk of Honor 1993 

  • Fred W. Haise Walk of Honor 1995

  • John B. McKay Walk of Honor 1996

  • John A. Manke Walk of Honor 1997

  • Thomas C. McMurtry Walk of Honor 1998

  • Stanley P. Butchart Walk of Honor 1999

  • Donald L. Mallick Walk of Honor 2000

  • C. Gordon Fullerton Walk of Honor 2000

  • Rogers E. Smith Walk of Honor 2003

  • Bruce A. Peterson Walk of Honor 2003

  • Edward T. Schneider Walk of Honor 2005

  • John H. Griffith Walk of Honor 2006

View or Download the Official Walk of Honor Map by clicking on the cover image or here.

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