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On September 13th, a meeting took place at the Chimbole Center in Palmdale, California. The guests of honor were U.S. Congresswoman Katie Hill, and Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger who represents our district. They came ready to engage and to learn about the different projects happening in our community regarding the Census 2020.

Among the participants were: Mr. Geoffrey Antonio Adlersberg, from the United States Census Bureau; Andi Campognone, Director of The Lancaster Museum of Art and History; Bryan Anguiano, Field Representative for Assembly member Tom Lackey; Robin Rosenthal, Project Leader for #CountMeIn; and Nathaniel Ancheta, from Art Residence and member of the #CountMeIn team.

The best presentation was without a doubt given by Robert Benitez, Program Coordinator from the MOAH, and Robin Rosenthal. They explained how the engagements with the community worked and how, by providing different workshops, participants learn about the Census. They were invited to write short poems using any of the words from the theme #CountMeIn, and to take Polaroids with cameras provided to them. Mrs. Rosenthal emphasized the fact that many of the people attending these events were nine years old when the last census took place; educating them is essential to the success #CountMeIn program

Representative Katie Hill and Supervisor Kathryn Berger were very impressed by the presentation; they want this program to be a template for California so larger museums could be involved in providing this type of information to their communities.


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