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Murl Genrich

Murl Genrich (1888 – 1930) was a long-term resident of the Antelope Valley area, residing in Redman, Willow Springs, and Mojave for various amounts of time. He was heavily involved in community activities and was known locally for his willingness to help others wherever he lived.

During the 1920s, Genrich operated a soft drink and gas station business in Mojave. As a hobby, he often would perform with the Willow Springs Dramatic Club, hosting and performing in various events within the community.

Genrich (left) is shown in the image here with his friends Roy Driscoll (center) and Sam Walker (right) in Willow Springs.

"Gurba, Norma H. Legendary Locals of the Antelope Valley. Arcadia, 2013.

Photo courtesy of MOAH Collections"


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