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Marcos Fernando Andrade

Marcos Fernando Andrade was born into one of the oldest families in the Antelope Valley. His Mexican-born father, Pedro Andrade, traveled to California in 1858 from Sonora. He then married a daughter of a well-known Californian family, Narcissa Valdez, whose family originally owned Rancho La Brea in Los Angeles. The Andrade family settled themselves in the Leona Valley area, becoming well-known and liked among other prominent valley pioneers.

Marcos Andrade served as constable of the Fairmont and Antelope townships from 1889 through 1892. While serving as constable, he also managed a large feed store, neighboring Mace Mayes saloon. Mayes would become the next appointed constable. Speculations began to arise about local cattle-rustling, with accusations pointed at Andrade. Some even believed that he was in partnership with Mayes until Andrade himself had several cattle stolen. Having his cattle stolen prompted Andrade to charge Mayes and his partners for the crime, with investigations proving Andrade’s own lack of involvement. Mayes and his gang were ultimately sent to prison for their acts.

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Photo courtesy of MOAH Collections"


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