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Frank Dowler

Frank Dowler (1856 – Unknown) settled in New Palmdale in the mid-1890s. He primarily worked as the town’s blacksmith, crafting and mending tools for local residents. He also worked a second job acting as New Palmdale’s deputy sheriff.

In 1892, Dowler beat Mace Mayes (who would become Lancaster’s constable-gone-bad) for the position of New Palmdale’s constable. With this promotion, his second job became his primary work with his blacksmithing taking a secondary position.

He became well known for his success at chasing and arresting vagrants, horse thieves, cattle rustlers, safecrackers, desperados, and murderers. He also regularly broke up fights at the Palmdale Saloon (pictured here).

"Gurba, Norma H. Legendary Locals of the Antelope Valley. Arcadia, 2013.

Photo courtesy of MOAH Collections"


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