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Frances and Raymond Hatton

Frances Roberts Hatton (1887 – 1971) was a famed silent-film actress. She was originally from Nebraska but ultimately came to California to pursue her acting career. She first became known through her role in the silent movie “Lovetime” in 1921, also going on to play roles in “At the Sign of the Jack O’Lantern” (1922) and “Java Head” (1923).

Frances married Raymond Hatton, who was also an actor. Raymond appeared in over 500 films but was best known for his role as Rusty Joslin in the Three Mesquiteers series. The couple moved to Palmdale in 1963. While living in Palmdale, the Hattons enjoyed spending their time engaging with the community through local events.

Just after celebrating their 63rd anniversary, Frances passed away at the Palmdale Hospital. Five days later, Raymond passed away at the couples’ home.

"Gurba, Norma H. Legendary Locals of the Antelope Valley. Arcadia, 2013.

Photo courtesy of MOAH Collections"


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