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Corum Family Members Standing Near a Well c. 1911

In 1910, Clifford Corum and his wife, Effie, settled near what was then Rodriguez Dry Lake. By the early 1900s, "Rodriguez" had been anglicized into "Rodgers," which was then shortened to "Rogers." Rogers Dry Lake is the primary resource associated with and responsible for establishing Edwards Air Force Base and the Dryden Flight Research Center (now known as the NASA Neil A. Armstrong Flight Research Center) making it the scene of important developments in the history of aviation.

Not long after, the community needed a post office. The first name submitted was "Corum," however it was refused due to a similarly named town that already existed. In 1911, Effie reversed the spelling of their name and Muroc was founded. Today, the community is known as Edwards Air Force Base.

In this photograph, Effie (center), Clifford (far right), and other family members are shown standing near a well.

Photo courtesy of MOAH Collections


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