Welcome Exhibiting Artists

to the Lancaster Museum of Art and History
On this page you will find everything you need to ensure your exhibition runs smoothly. The exhibiting artist process is composed of 3 main sections and a frequently asked question section. Please complete all 3 sections by the date listed in the welcome email to make certain that the museum has everything needed to promote and exhibit your artwork.

Artist Bio


First, provide us with general contact info


Artwork Info

Second, provide us with an artist statement/biography and information about your body of works



Third, provide us with high-resolution images that best represent the work being exhibited

This is where you can find the answer to questions that may arise, as well as a staff directory




Let's start with you.




Tell us about this body of work.

Let's see your work.




That's it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will MOAH cover shipping costs for my artwork?
  • The museum covers transportation within a 100 mile radius of the facility.
How does MOAH handle insurance of my artwork?
  • The museum insures all artwork wall-to-wall ONLY within the facility and when being transported by MOAH staff.
  • The museum DOES NOT insure artwork during transport when transported by third party delivery service.
Will the museum sell my artwork during the exhibition?
  • The museum does not sell artwork, unless it is cataloged as a consignment item within the Vault Store. For more information on how to get an item in our store, please ask one of our staff members.
Does MOAH reimburse artists for materials or framing?
  • No, materials, delivery (outside of 100 mile radius) or framing are to be acquired at the artist's discretion and expense, the museum will not reimburse for those items.
Can I choose where my artwork will be displayed at MOAH?
  • Unless it is a site specific installation, you will not choose the location inside the museum, but will be chosen by the curators.

More questions? We're here to help!

andi Campognone MOAH Lancaster CA 2021photo credit Marne Lucas.jpg

Andi Campognone


Contact for curatorial questions.


Carlos Chavez


Contact for questions and information regarding art transportation, care, and installation.


MOAH Marketing

Marketing & Creative

Contact for questions and information regarding images, audio/visual, and other marketing materials.


Dominic Parker


Contact for questions and information regarding exhibitions at the MOAH:CEDAR


Robert Benitez


Contact for questions and information regarding curatorial inquiries and operations.