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Spring Festival


Tanisha Alam

It is always a certain time of the year that you return to us. With your beauty and personality, your color and vibrance, you bring everyone prosperity and good fortune. For one month you are regarded with happiness. Like a symbol of hope, the troubles we faced in the last year will disappear at the sight of you. For one month you are displayed to showcase your beauty and your charm. Invited into the homes of all, you give us luck with your presence. For one month, you are the most regarded of any. In such festive times, there would be no tradition without you. You are essential and you are easy. The activities associated with you bring joy to the community, but you do not require much maintenance. Most importantly you are familiar. Since the beginning you have been there. Every year this time approaches, you are the most anticipated guest. When we have to venture from home, we look for you as a sense of belonging and as a sense of family. When we see you, we are reminded of all the good moments in our lives. A joyous time, that one month.

But what happens after? What happens when the weather changes and new flowers bloom? All of a sudden your face drops and your color fades and you emit a certain stench. But why? Are you jealous that others arrive after you? But, you had your grand entrance. You were praised till you were worn out. People toss you aside, some even holding on till the last petal. Because, now that your time has passed, you are out of luck and out of style. The festivities that happen before you bless us for the following year, but they must come to an end eventually. Now we have to get on with our lives. Time does not stop, so we cannot allow you to linger, and that you know. So, you accept it.

You make your departure, taking your festivities with you. You understand. That time of year is over, your regard is over. Oh well. This happens every season. No hard feelings. It is rather bittersweet. You know when you will come and you know when you will leave. Mourning you like the dead seems pointless. You will be back, so, instead of crying, let us continue to celebrate. Celebrate our new found luck, prosperity, and joy. Let it resonate for the next year, and once the weather turns cold and that luck seems to run out again, no worries, only a couple more months before you return. You come bearing gifts when we need you most, and once that joy is fulfilled, you depart till your time returns. You have a motive and as long as time continues to move forward, you will continue to fulfill it. That is the beauty of you.

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