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Skytower Park Murals

The Skytower Park Community Mural Painting project was a multiday creative event held in the Spring of 2022.  Community members of all ages were invited to join community engagement artist Vojislav Radovanovic in the two-phase process of planning and painting of over 300 ft of murals at Skytower Park, 43434 Vineyard Dr, Lancaster, CA 93535.

The Lancaster Museum of Art and History is dedicated to strengthening awareness, enhancing accessibility, and igniting the appreciation of art, history, and culture in the Antelope Valley through creative community engagement and vibrant public art projects that celebrate the richness of the region. 

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On March 12, 2022, MOAH and Artist At Work, Vojislav Radovanović, organized the First Community engaged artistic workshop in Skytower Park in Lancaster, CA, where community members gathered and provided input about future murals in the park. Approximately 60-65 neighbors actively participated in the workshop creating drawings and collages. Critical data was also collected through questionnaire forms where participants were asked to pick specific words that resonated with them the most, and that they would recognize as values that future murals should represent. 

The artworks and questionnaire data gathered during the workshop were compiled and reviewed to develop the final two mural concepts: Day and Night. The murals feature favorite flora and fauna from Antelope Valley with the characteristic landscape and mountain ranges. During the next month and a half, Radovanović spent time developing sketches and drawings that would resemble cartoonish and illustrative style. 

Sketches for the Night Time Mural - South Wall, 164 ft long
Sketches for the Day Time Mural - North Wall, 148 ft long