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Chris Francis Rock ‘n Roll Footwear Exhibition at MOAH Lancaster

Aren’t these shoes amazing works of art?

The Movers & Makers exhibit is now at the Museum of Art & History (MOAH) in Lancaster. The show features functional art. I attended the opening night festivities and enjoyed the art and mingling with artists and patrons.

Once I headed upstairs to the room housing the Chris Francis: Shoe Versatility exhibit, it was obvious that this was the place for me. Each shoe is beautiful on it’s own, but to experience a whole room full of them was wonderful.

The shoes are one of a kind and functional. This is art that makes a big, bold statement when worn. Custom shoes have been made for celebrity rockers including Lita Ford, Mick Mars of Motley Crue and Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols.

I told Chris that they were beautiful, but I didn’t think I’d be able to walk in them, let alone dance around on a stage wearing such high heels. He tried to assure me that with the platforms and a custom fit shoe, it was much easier than it looks. I can definitely see why performers want these eye catching shoes.

Chris’s personal life has taken a lot of twists and turns. He’s traveled the US on freight trains and worked on ships, as a chimney sweep and at carnivals and cabarets. These life experiences have enhanced his vision as an artist. The results are beautiful!

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