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Myrtie Webber Apple Pie Baking Contest Trophy

Today’s artifact of focus continues to emphasize the role of Myrtle “Myrtie” Webber within Lancaster. This trophy is the “Myrtie Webber Apple Pie Baking Contest” trophy, a perpetual trophy that was in use from 1979-1982 as the tradition of a pie baking was a major part of the annual Lancaster Heritage Days event.

Though it was not awarded to Myrtie herself, it draws honor to the contributions she made in establishing long-standing traditions within the Antelope Valley. Even though this particular event is no longer held, we carry on the spirit of celebrating Lancaster’s unique heritage as well as Myrtie’s apple pie baking during the Annual Antelope Valley Fair and Alfalfa Festival. Such festivals are an intrinsic part of Antelope Valley culture, with similar events dating back to 1895 when the first Lancaster festival was held as a two-day event celebrating local ranchers and farmers.

This year, we are extending the celebration of Antelope Valley culture and heritage beyond the Fair and Festival with the upcoming “Celebrate Lancaster” exhibition, opening at MOAH:Cedar in October.

A unique celebration of the Western Hotel is on its way as well, with significant changes being made to our exhibitions – one of which is the addition of a room dedicated to Myrtie Webber herself. Due to these changes, our upstairs level is currently closed to the public, but it will reopen on November 10, with a "Grand Reopening" of the entire exhibition on December 8. Stay tuned for more updates regarding these events!

Photos courtesy of MOAH Collections


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