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History of George’s Cleaners

George Black, a third-generation blacksmith in 1915, originally took over Harry Davis’ busy pioneer blacksmith wood building located on Sierra Highway between Lancaster Boulevard and Milling Street. Here, any piece of iron that had to be handled, bent, or shaped on an anvil went through his hands. As in all pioneer towns, a blacksmith shop was a much-needed institution; horses had to be shod, tools made, and equipment repaired.

He later opened a new shop known as Carter’s Barn on Beech Avenue and Eleventh Street (now Milling Street), where the barn had also been well-known for presenting local rambunctious fighting bouts and other sporting activities.

In 1947, George Pulos, son of a Los Angeles dry cleaner, obtained a $25,000 loan and opened George’s Cleaners on Lancaster Boulevard. George originally moved to the Antelope Valley in 1936 to work on the ranch owned by his wife's family. However, in 1945, he took a job as a general manager at what was then the only local dry cleaners.

In 1954, the business relocated to the southwest corner of Beech Avenue and Milling Street, taking over the old Carter Barn. This is where the business has been operating since as a full-service cleaner. Family owned and operated to this day by Chris and Monica Gado, the business now offers three locations within the Antelope Valley.

Besides carrying on the family legacy, the Grados are prominently known in the community. Monica is on the Lancaster West Rotary and former chairwoman of the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce. The couple are also members of the Palmdale and Quartz Hill Chamber, work for Mental Health America, and actively give back to local schools by providing free services.

In October 2018, George’s Cleaners was awarded the 21st Senate District Small Business of the Month by Senator Scott Wilk who remembers going to George’s Cleaners as a boy where they always recognized him by name.

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