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Chuck Yeager

The Antelope Valley is known to some as “America’s Aerospace Valley” due to its long history of aeronautical achievement and success. While the Antelope Valley has played host to many famous aeronautical feats, none are more famous than the flight of Charles “Chuck” Yeager, who made history as the first person to break the sound barrier on October 14th, 1947 when he flew from what is now Edwards Air Force Base.

Aeronautical companies like Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, and Scaled Composites have developed a large presence in today’s Antelope Valley. These companies, in addition to the continued presence of Edwards AFB and USAF Plant 42, have helped to preserve the local legacy of aeronautical innovation, achievement, and success.

Yeager is pictured below, posing in front of the “Glamorous Glennis,” the Bell X-1 aircraft which he broke the sound barrier with.

Photo courtesy of MOAH Collections


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