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Dark Progressivism: The Built Environment delves into the impact the manmade landscape has had on the residents of Southern California: housing projects, commercial developments, freeways, the Los Angeles River and the Metro system. Dark Progressivism is an artistic style that developed organically out of graffiti and tattooing, consciously and unconsciously influenced by German Expressionism, film noir, typography, and the design elements present in Southern California. Participating artist and LA TACO senior photographer Erwin Recinos brings you a look at opening night of this exhibit…

Artist and K2S member Joe “Prime” Reza in front of his piece at the opening. Prime also contributed a “street-corner” installation inside the museum for the exhibition.

Stunning set of pieces by artist Carlos Ramirez, using signage mixed media to create a stylized installation.

Artist Gajin Fujita and photographer Steve Grody chopping it up during the opening.

A detailed look at Jaime Scholnick and her stylized acrylic painting style.

Artist Juan Carlos Munoz Hernandez with his contribution to the exhibition.

Musician Leafar Seyer of PRAYERS next to his piece for opening night.

213” collab between photographer Jim McHugh, Prime and Big Sleeps. Mixed media including collaged 8×10 polaroid stills.

Street scene from the city of Boyle Heights painted by artist Manuel Lopez.

Dark Progressivism curator Rodrigo d’Ebre talking about the origins and ideas behind the exhibition.

6th Street Bridge survey by photographer Estevan Oriol before it’s destruction in early 2016.

A unique light painting construction by Lynwood based artist Felix Quintana.

On the title card of the exhibition is this painting by Michael Alvarez. I was told this painting took just over a year to create. The color and depth wonderful.

Installation in the museum hall by artist Prime which is made set in place for visitors to contribute to during the life of the exhibit at MOAH.

Dark Progressivism: The Built Environment will be on display til January 14th 2018. Two upcoming events coinciding with the exhibition:

Art & Science Discussion Panel on Sunday December 10, 2pm. Dark Progressivism Zine Fest on Sunday January 7, 12pm – 5pm.

Follow @darkprogressivism for more information and details about the upcoming events.

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