Autumn 2013

August 3, - October 13, 2013

Free Enterprise: The Art of Citizen Space Exploration

Curated by Tyler Stallings and Marko Peljhan

Main & Vault Gallery

Tim Youd: The Right Stuff

Jewel Box Gallery

When I'm Sixty-Four

Curated by Rebecca Trawick

East, South, Wells Fargo

Jorg Dubin: Dog Fight

Lobby Atrium

Free Enterprise: The Art of Citizen Space Exploration Curated by Tyler Stallings and Marko Peljhan
Occupying the entire ground level, MOAH presents the first contemporary art exhibition in the U.S. to showcase an international array of artists and organizations who are exploring the intersection between artistic production and civilian space travel. The possibility of fulfilling the human dream to fly into space has been encouraged by a major political and cultural shift away from federal-sponsored space activities towards a private enterprise model. This exciting exhibit includes a variety of media such as drawing, photography, video, sculpture, painting, and artifacts by international participants. Locally based XCOR Aerospace, Inc. (Mojave, CA), has installed a full scale working rocket and other hardware in the Museum as a major feature of the show. Free Enterprise originated from the University of California Riverside ARTSblock.  
Participants: The Arts Catalyst (London, U.K.), Lowry Burgess (Pittsburgh, PA), Center for Land Use Interpretation (Culver City, CA), Richard Clar (Paris/Los Angeles), Skeith De Wine (Santa Ana, CA), Kitsou Dubois (Paris), Final Frontier Design (New York), MIR - Microgravity Interdisciplinary Research (international participants), Forrest Myers (New York), Carrie Paterson (Los Angeles), Connie Samaras (Los Angeles), and XCOR Aerospace, Inc. (Mojave, CA).
Tim Youd: The Right Stuff
Continuing with the theme of space and flight, Los Angeles-based artist Tim Youd will perform the typing of Tom Wolfe’s The Right Stuff on the original typewriter used to create the novel. Youd’s performance involves typing the novel on a single page run through the machine over and over again, thereby embedding the entire manuscript into one sheet. Youd travels the world, performing the works in locales geographically related to either the author’s life or the plot of the novel. 
When I'm Sixty-Four Curated by Rebecca Trawick
When I'm Sixty-Four explores the lives of our country's 50+ population. California alone is projected to have a population of 6.5 million people over the age of 65 within the first two decades of the new millennium. All aspects of life will be impacted including politics, public services, the economy, family structures, and healthcare. As our population ages we have to ask ourselves the role this group will play in our culture and whether or not our perception, acceptance and politics will mature along with them. The contemporary artists in When I'm Sixty-Four use diverse approaches to explore the realities of the lives of our senior population, often through extremely private investigations into their own aging or the lives of their loved ones. Their work poses questions about our concepts of growing older, and what we can do to access our senior community members.
The Museum of Art and History is presenting an in-depth schedule of public programs, lectures, film screenings and special performances featuring amazing seniors in our communities. Artists include Deborah Aschheim (CA), Troy Aossey (AZ), Jeanne C. Finley (CA), Gina Genis (CA), Nancy Macko (CA), Peter Riesett (NY)  and Shari Wasson (CA).
Jorg Dubin: Dog Fight
Jorg Dubin’s Dog Fight sculptures capture the form and structure of military aircraft. Constructed from metal, Dubin finishes the surfaces with corporate logos painted directly on the work. Suspended in the Museum’s atrium in a configuration resembling an aerial dog fight, the title of the work comes alive from multiple vantage points as viewers walk through the first and second floors of the facility. The Corporate Jet Series is a playful and ironic look at the influence or perhaps the merging of the power of corporate America, politics and the innate desire for the good life, all of which is protected by the military.
View or Download the Autumn 2013 Exhibition Catalog by clicking on the cover image or here.

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