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Martin Bozikovic

June 16, 2026
I believe my research is getting close to my goal. I’ve realized that the artificial brain that I give my subjects is not large enough in capacity to emulate the brain of a human. I feel as though my technology is far too limited to achieve a grandiose goal like this, one that has no real purpose… but I must continue my research. For the sake of the plants. Perhaps the purpose of this experiment lies more in their own survival than something that should be tested on. But even still, the results are so mind-numbingly disappointing that it becomes more and more difficult to continue this experiment.

June 19, 2026
Some of the subjects seem promising. There is a cactus that seems to be dealing with the implants well. Some of the other plants melted on contact with this newfound power. Perhaps their bodies are too underdeveloped for this kind of science. It is difficult to imagine what a conscious plant would act like, given that it cannot emotions in the same way we humans can. I can only hope that they will respond to what is told to them. The cactus seems to notice when it is spoken to, and I had Jerry speak to it from different angles to see if it produced different reactions. Upon analyzing its bodies, the activity in the plant cells was much higher for a short period of time immediately after it was spoken to. This activity was found in areas that were towards the angle from which my colleague spoke to it. I believe this is the start of a breakthrough.

June 22, 2026
It seems as though only certain types of plants will be able to physically handle the processes that we are subjecting them to. It seems that flowers and other delicate plants cannot handle these processes, perhaps due to their frail and thin leaves and stems. Thicker plants, such as small trees and, of course, cacti, seem to be able to withstand these conditions better. I will have to heavily modify the plant’s body in order to get a level of consciousness that responds in a meaningful way. Because the process calls for an implant of a massive memory drive, which itself is connected to a computer, I will need to create small stimulus programs to test on the plant. Perhaps I can subject the plant to small amounts of pain and record its reaction. This must be done with caution, however, as the plant is likely already suffering through its current condition, and any more could potentially kill it.

June 29th, 2026
The plant is beginning to respond to the stimulus programs. I believe that with further development of these programs and some sort of mobile aid for the plants, they could become as conscious as a human. This will aid their survival rates as they will be able to move and understand when they are in danger, in addition to potentially revealing its defensive tactics when necessary.

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