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Alex Kim

Today, I felt the most painful experience of my life; I felt a sudden pinch on my spine, followed by a feeling - somehow both hot and cold at the same time - that shot up from my legs and went all the way to the top of my head. No part of my body was unaffected. Something massive had grabbed me. I was terrified. But it’s ok. Because immediately afterwards, I saw the most beautiful thing.

When the awful tendrils released me, I felt something else grab my body. Something softer and more gentle. When I looked up, I faced the most wonderful creature. Her eyes, the most vibrant shade of blue that made the cloudless sky pale in comparison, looked down upon me with such a benevolent expression that my body surged with a tenderness and comfort I have never felt before. The creature opened her mouth and released a melodic tone. It looked as though she was communicating to the creature that had picked me up. Reprimanding it for the brutish way it had treated me, no doubt.

“So this is what it had all for,” I thought to myself, “The pain must have been some sort of test, and I was lucky enough to pass.”

The beautiful creature took me to what I assume was her home. I watched as she filled a long container with water, and when it was half-full, she gently laid me down in it. Can you believe it? I hardly knew her, but she sacrificed a part of her own home and extended it to me. I gushed with adoration and tried to express my gratitude with a movement of my arms, but it was still impossible to move. As I struggled, another one of my petals fell off, looking slightly darker and less vibrant than I remembered.

I feel tired now, weaker. But I have never been happier.

I love her. I think she feels the same.

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