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Susie Oldham Davis

Susie Oldham Davis became a resident of the Antelope Valley in 1895, originally coming to the Myrtle/Almondale Colony in the Big Rock Creek area. However, upon her marriage to Aaron Oldham (1859-1936), the couple chose to settle in Lancaster in 1899.

In the early 1900, the two had their house moved from Big Rock to Lancaster. To get the house across Big Rock Creek, the two-story brick building had to be taken apart and hauled across the desert in wagons. It was later reassembled on Lancaster Boulevard.

A talented woman, Susie owned the first bakery in Lancaster and was also a midwife, a landlord, and a nurse. At one point in time, she owned a large portion of Lancaster Boulevard.

Susie was also an expert at making bread, baking just under 100 loaves a day in her outdoor oven; she even made her own yeast cakes which she sold in Los Angeles under the trade name “Queen Yeast.” With her business becoming so extensive, Susie hired another baker and opened a business on 10th Street. Here, Lancaster Bakery operated for more than four years before being sold to George Lindner.

Susie contributed greatly, through her personal and business life, to the development of the region. Today, she is buried in the Lancaster cemetery.

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Photo courtesy of MOAH Collections"


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