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Little Giant by Ann Weber


Permanent Art Project

Ann Weber is an American artist who transforms the ordinary medium of cardboard into impressive large-scale sculptures reminiscent of pods, gourds, and organic spires. She views the psychological component of her artwork as one of the most important aspects; between representational and abstract, Weber invites the viewers to bring their own associations to her artwork. 


Composed with a palette of simple circles and cylinder forms, Weber’s work represents the symbolic male and female forms in the natural world while tying in architecture and historical references to evoke memories, relationships and morality in her sculptures. By casting ordinary cardboard into bronze or fiberglass for public art projects, Weber illustrates that things are not always what they appear to be and the humble origin of the materials are part of the innovation, charm and humor of artwork like Little Giant.


Weber states that, “when you put a seed in the ground, the first thing that happens is a sprout. I felt what my content was, or what I was saying, had to do with these very primal kinds of forms...Ultimately my interest is in expanding the possibilities of making beauty from a common and mundane material.”

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