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The Muse

Tina Dille

Tina Dille's artwork echoes inspiration from the natural wildlife and domesticated animals of the Tehachapi Mountains. The personalities of the animals she coexists with fuel her distinctive animal portraits, giving life and spirit to each friendly face. The most impactful muse arrived with a rescued, semi-tamed raven named Penut. The crafty and charismatic personality of Penut became a fulfilling and influential source of creative energy for Dille.

The Muse reflects the wonder and personalities of Penut through various depictions of ravens. The animals' eyes are a focal point of her creative intent, while the rest of the piece is composed of the natural forms and shapes of watercolor and fluid acrylic mediums. The splattering, flowing, and dripping of the paint is part accident and part skill, creating a unique art piece that cannot be duplicated.

Dille began her artistic career at a young age; early on, she was drawn to the livestock and ranchers in her hometown of Jerome, Idaho, and the backyard creatures she discovered when her family moved to Southern California. As an adult, Dille operated a small ceramics business that created and sold hand-painted ceramic animal figurines nationwide. Dille relocated to the Tehachapi Mountains in 2006 to focus on fine art and immerse herself in the area's natural wildlife.

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