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Lily Brick is a creative artist interested in design, street, and graffiti art, with an admiration for graphic expression. Brick’s art career started by studying Advertising Graphic Design and working for multiple companies and organizations. Upon leading the design team of a printing company, she initiated a new artistic expression with spray paint, leading to a hobby and soon professional trade. The discovery of her first works in the public gardens of Lleida, Spain, led to her first commissioned murals and over 300 pieces worldwide of her artwork. Notable locations include multiple cities in Spain, like Barcelona, Pennelles, and Alcarràs, as well as Germany, Morocco, France, Sweden, and others. Being recognized as having made the largest mural created in Spain by a single woman, Brick surpassed herself with the creation of another larger mural. Brick utilizes her work to represent and express visibly empowered women with strong and intense gazes. Lily Brick was born in Lleida, Spain, and has produced significant artwork globally.

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