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Sages, curated by Betty Ann Brown, honors nineteen artists who have had long, successful careers exhibting art and have worked as teachers the entrie time. Ten recently deceased master artist/teachers are celebrated in the auxilary exhibition Sages: In Memoriam. Between them, the two exhibitions present a remarkable array of paintings, sculptures, ceramics, jewelry, videos, fiber work, and public art projects. 


Introduction by Robert Benitez.



Judith F. Baca, Bruce Everett, Suvan Geer, Gilah Yelin Hirsch, Connie Jenkins, Ulysses Jenkins, Joanne Julian, Sant Khalsa, Alexander Kritselis, Suzanne Lacy, Andree M. Mahoney, Gerri McMillin, Tom McMillin, Jim Morphesis, Catherine Ruane, Ruth Weisenberg, John M. White, Kay Yee, and Hiroko Yoshimoto


Sages: In Memoriam

Craig Antrim, Bob Bassler, Hans Burkhardt, Carole Caroompas, Bee Colman, Dave Elder, Roland Reiss, Rachel Rosenthal, June Wayne, and Charles White


Published by the Lancaster Museum and Public Art Foundation.


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