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Sean Yang


Through sculptural ceramics and mixed- media works, artist Sean Yang’s practice exploits the tension between reproduction and handcrafted objects, using this dialogue to examine social control, collective unconsciousness, individual identity, and cultural transformation. His work is informed by a nomadic-like experience during his early 20s, in which he traveled across thirteen European countries until finally settling down in the United States, taking bits and pieces from these cultures and fusing them into his own personal identity.

Focusing on the desire to quiet the mind and embrace the unity between human, nature, and environment, Yang’s installation TOUCH THE TRUESELF WITHIN considers his interpretation of the Four Noble Truths: suffering, self-righteousness, perception of human nature, and environmental sustainability. Yang’s work is a meditation on the process of self-discovery, focusing on how the experience is not the result of a straightforward course, but rather a collection of social and internal exchanges within oneself.

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