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Kiel Johnson

Notes on a Morning Walk

The idea of “work as play” is central to Kiel Johnson’s art practice bringing a sense of curiosity and exploration through his whimsical creations. His primary focus is on drawings and sculpture that speak to the travels and adventures of his everyday life. Johnson’s sculptures and drawings serve as a visual diary that captures his animated and vast stream of consciousness. Inspired by odd discoveries, coincidence and chance, Johnson seeks to personify inanimate subjects.

Johnson brings a sense of curiosity and exploration to the viewer, utilizing the world and its curiosities as his palette and canvas. His creations are inspired by robots, Greek sculpture, Egyptian gods, boats, and spaceships, among others, are a visual language that is an embodiment of Johnson’s humorous and energetic mind and eye. Through his heightened level of inquisitiveness and playfulness, Johnson continues to explore places, objects, and spaces that exist within his imagination.

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