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Art is a magnet for creative minds, especially when there is a project as positive as the #CountMeIn book collaboration.

The idea of inviting the local artist community for a workshop was a way to the reach out to those artists working in different media, to come participate and create unique art pieces for the accordion book that will be displayed at the Lancaster Museum.

The workshop took place at the Andrew Frieder Creative Space in the MOAH-CEDAR; this was the ideal place to get together since the center’s main focus is serving the local community. All the materials are there readily available for anybody who wants to make art.

We arrived half hour early to set the tables and chairs, magazines, scissors, candy and other materials needed to create collages. Robert Benitez brought water and was there to assist in any way possible.

Once most of the participants had arrived, Robin Roshental, the project leader, explained in detail who we are, what we are doing to represent the artist community in the Census2020, and how the Lancaster Museum is supporting all the programs for a successful participation. The census happens every ten years and is essential to get the resources and political representation we as a community deserve.

As it was expected, each individual artist created unique art pieces. The challenge was completed on time, which is very difficult to accomplish since most artists are used to working in their studios, with complete freedom and plenty of time to analyze, think and focus on a main idea. Creating an art piece in four hours was really outstanding.

Andi Campognone took time from her busy schedule to stop by and see what was been created; she was very pleased to see the artists’ commitment to make this workshop a success and treated us to a healthy lunch from one of the local restaurants, The Lemon Leaf. This break gave us an opportunity to talk about what future projects and art in general.

Yes, art is indeed a magnet for collaboration, ideas, and everything that makes our Lancaster community one of the best not only in California, but in the nation. As Mother Teresa once said: “I can do things you cannot, You can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.”


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