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THEN | NOW | A | DREAM by Nathaniel Ancheta and David Martin


Permanent Art Project

by Nathaniel Ancheta and David Edward Martin:

THEN | NOW | A | DREAM, an installation that includes four life-size sculptures of a pronghorn antelope made from rebar and discarded material, found its permanent home here at the Preserve.

What was, what is, and what might have been coalesced in what was originally a site-specific installation located at the foot of the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve. Made from common construction materials and found materials scavenged from the site, the sculptures were painted an uncanny shade of super-saturated blue. The four pronghorn antelope sculptures represent the landscape’s past and look with hope to the blooming of the poppies on the hills and fields beyond. The antelopes represent several layers of tension between belonging and unbelonging; animals that once roamed the landscape by the thousands are conspicuously absent given the area’s designation in the Antelope Valley, an unnatural blue that provides a unifying coating to a variety of discarded consumer items.

Nathaniel Cas Ancheta’s art practice functions within the thresholds between interior and exterior, passive and active, and the natural and the artificial. Ancheta creates work that catalyzes engagement with the individual, the public, and its environment. He currently lives and works in Lancaster, CA.

David Edward Martin is a classically trained filmmaker engaged in a multimedia practice framed by the traditional genres of landscape, still life, figurative, and abstraction. Using multiple modalities, Martin creates work engaging with systems of how meaning is made, unmade, and remade in everyday contexts. He lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.

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