by Kristine Schomaker (Artist), Shana Nys Dambrot (Author), Rebecca Niederlander (Author), Nancy Kay Turner (Author)


"Perceive Me" focuses on notions of self-worth, validation and the idea that we value our identity based on how we imagine others perceive us. This project became a performance about challenging our own confidence, judgment and critism. “Perceive Me” is more than an exhibition, a catalog and Instagram posts. It is a platform for empowerment, for owning who we are, for being unique and authentic, for taking back out bodies in the #metoo movement, for being true, powerful and strong no matter what body shape, size, color, gender we are. “Perceive Me” is for everyone. I have invited 60 artists to collaborate by creating nude portraits of me. They have responded with paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, video and 3D printing. Posing and modeling for these 60 artists, I felt like a supermodel. I felt thin, bold, beautiful, classy, elegant, sexy... The artwork was amazing. Then I looked in the mirror...

Perceive Me


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