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Slinkachu has been “abandoning” his miniature people on the streets of cities around the world since 2006. His work embodies elements of street art, sculpture, installation art and photography and has been exhibited in galleries and museums globally. His images have been collected in three best-selling art books; Little People in the City (Boxtree, 2009), Big Bad City (Lebowski, 2010) and Global Model Village (Boxtree, 2012) that have collectively sold over 300,000 copies worldwide.

Christopher Konecki

Konecki is self-taught and constantly experimenting. He is known for completing large scale aerosol murals, fine artwork including paintings and miniature sculptures, as well as various public and private site specific installations. Konecki's work is explorative of social consciousness, generally irreverent, and focused on subjects that are both serious and absurd. His use of found and 'repurposed' objects in his work advocates the reassessment of typical ideals of function and beauty. Elements of nature often collide with harsh urban landscapes and elements of street art and graffiti, symbolizing the ongoing struggle between the harmonious coexistence of these two competing monumental forces.

Julius Eastman

Julius Eastman is an artist, DJ, dad and creative force living in California’s Antelope Valley. He has been actively showing his work, appearing at MOAH, the Modern Tea House, Sagebrush Cafe, and working with the Art Around group in Lancaster. In his paintings the landscape is both subject and object, it’s a pliant and mental thing. A rebel music seems to pulse with psychedelic-street sounds, and symbols maintain a power that Eastman seems to both feed and resist. You could call it cultural landscaping, because it seems like Eastman is contemplating a way to negotiate the line between sacred and secular, but doing it in the tones of popular culture; taking, in his way, a black and white world and rendering it in color.

Lauren YS

Lauren YS is a Los Angeles-based artist whose work is influenced by multiple stages of focus, both geographically and in practice. With dynamic bouts in academics, literature and writing, teaching, illustration, and animation leading up to her arrival in the urban art sphere, the influences of these phases of her own career add up to a robust style of murals and fine art. Lauren's work is influenced by dreams, mythology, death, comics, love, sex, psychedelia, animation and her Asian-American heritage.

Nuri Amanatullah

Amanatullah is an illustrator and graphic designer based out of the greater Los Angeles area. He has been lending his talents to the non-profit Housing Corporation of America for the past three years helping to jump-start and brand a wide variety of art programs at affordable income housing properties.

Emily Ding

Ding is a painter and muralist from Texas. She most often has animals as her focus and she uses a glowing spectrum of colorful spray paints to create her large scale artworks.

Carly Ealey

Fine artist, muralist, photographer, and writer with a few hundred other secret talents, Carly Ealey has a knack for all things creative. With a natural inclination to painting the familiar figures of women in her work, Carly prefers acrylic ink on wood panels when painting small, and spray paint when working on murals. However, she also incorporates her photography from time to time on a larger scale via wheatpaste.

Super A

Stefan Thelen’s anti-superhero identity Super A is a Dutch artist who uses traditional painting technique and a knack for design to create compositions that manipulate familiar iconography into mind-bending and inquisitive pieces. His alter-ego, Super A is the filter with which the life and observations of Stefan Thelen are distilled down and turn into inspiration. All of his work evolves out of personal experiences or thoughts that grow into concepts which tightrope between fiction and nonfiction. Super A is a mystery that leans on the art doing most of the talking for Stefan Thelen, taking the viewer into a wonderland walking down a yellow brick road in which Thelen’s figurative and modern surrealist compositions are providing playful puzzles to decipher.

Amir Fallah

Amir H. Fallah creates paintings, sculptures, and installations that utilize personal history as an entry point to discuss race, representation, the body, and the memories of cultures and countries left behind. Through this process, the artist’s works employ nuanced and emotive narratives that evoke an inquiry about identity, the immigrant experience, and the history of portraiture.

Aaron De LA Cruz

Aaron De La Cruz's work, though minimal and direct at first, tends to overcome barriers of separation and freely steps in and out of the realms of fine art and design. The act and the marks themselves are very primal but tend to take on distinct and sometimes higher meanings in the broad range of mediums and contexts they appear in and on. His work finds strengths in the reduction of his interests in life to minimal information. De La Cruz gains from the idea of exclusion, just because you don't literally see it, doesn't mean that it's not there.

Darcy Yates

The bustling city inspires Yates artwork. Her aesthetic is line, shape, color and pattern. She associates colors and shape with emotion. As she grew as an artist she started to understand the values of these simple fundamental forms. She uses color, shape and line in each of her pieces to convey these emotions. Photographs are a dominant feature in most of her artwork because she loves the raw emotion it conveys. Yates work is gritty, colorful and embodies the essence of soul and imagination.


Mouf is a prolific mural artist in the urban art scene in Austin, Texas. He’s mentored and supported many of the city’s younger artists, while traveling internationally to spray paint his art. In his early years, he was always interested in using spray paint to create something on any surface. He has always considered himself creative and a little bit of a trouble maker. The way he got started was like most that are a part of the art form. Every time he was in a city, he’d notice the contrast of grey and colorless buildings, to the vibrant burst of colors in the shape of letters or characters.