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September 12 - December 27, 2020

Solo exhibitions:

Kathy Ager

Alex Garant

Inga Guzyte

Kayla Mahaffey

Kevin Peterson

Special group show curated by: 


Special Installation by:

Spenser Little

The Lancaster Museum of Art and History, in collaboration with Los Angeles’ Thinkspace Projects, is pleased to present The New Vanguard III, a dynamic group exhibition of works by international artists working in the New Contemporary art movement. The highly anticipated follow up to 2018’s successful second iteration of The New Vanguard, on view in tandem with this year’s POW WOW! Antelope Valley will feature special solo projects by artists Kevin Peterson, Kayla Mahaffey, Kathy Ager and Alex Garant.

The New Vanguard III, in keeping with the first two installments, will present a diverse and expansive group of curated new works. In addition to the solo exhibitions on view from Mahaffey, Peterson, Ager and Garant, we will also be presenting our ’Small Victories’ group show focusing on suicide prevention and mental health. We’ve lost one of our greatest allies and friends and one of our rising stars to this ever growing epidemic in recent years. Sadly this issue is very wide spread in the creative community and we want to help raise awareness and funds. If it helps guide just one person out of the darkness, it was more than worth it to mount this collection of works.

This special showcase will include new pieces by Adam Caldwell, Ador, AKACORLEONE, Allison Sommers, Angel Once, Anthony Hurd, Anthony Solano, Atomik, Brad Woodfin, Brian Mashburn, Bryan Valenzuela, Carl Cashman, Charlie Edmiston, Chloe Becky, Cinta Vidal, Clare Toms, Collin van der Sluijs, David Rice, Derek Gores, Dovie Golden, Dragon76, Drew Young, Edith Lebeau, Eduardo F. Angel, Erik Mark Sandberg, Frank Gonzales, Ghost Beard, Goopmassta, Hilda Palafox, Hola Lou, Huntz Liu, Imon Boy, Jaime Molina, Jeff Ejan, Jimmer Willmott, Kaplan Bunce, Kate Wadsworth, Kelly Vivanco, Ken Flewellyn, Kim Sielbeck, KOZ DOS, Lauren Hana Chai, Lauren YS, Linsey Levendall, Mando Marie, Manuel Zamudio, Mari Inukai, Max Sansing, McKenzie Fisk, Meggs, Molly Gruninger, Mwanel Pierre-Louis, Nicola Caredda, Patch Whisky, Ricky Watts, Roos van der Vliet, Saturno, Sergio Garcia, Shar Tuiasoa, Stephanie Buer, Tati Holt, Telmo Miel, TMRWLND, Waylon Horner, and Wiley Wallace

A movement unified as much by its diversity as its similitude, ‘New Contemporary’ has come to denote an important heterogeneity of styles, media, contexts, and activations over the course of its establishment since the 90s. Unified in its fledgling beginnings by a founding counter-cultural impulse searching for its own nomenclature, the New Contemporary movement’s shifting and inclusive designations have offered alternative narratives over the years to those popularized by the dominant art establishment and its conceptual predilections.

Though stylistically disparate, the work belonging to this rapidly expansive movement reveals a desire to reference the popular, social, and subcultural domains of contemporary experience, grounding, rather than rarifying, imagery in the familiar. Looking to the urban landscape and the kaleidoscopic shift of individual identities within it, these artists use the figurative and narrative to anchor their work in the accessible and aesthetically relatable. A fundamentally democratic stance governs the ambitions of this new guard, ever in search of novel ways to expand rather than to contract.

May 9 - December 27, 2020

Featuring artwork by:
Robin Rosenthal
Jane Szabo
Nuri Amanatullah
Clovis Blackwell

The Lancaster Museum of Art & History (MOAH) and the Lancaster Museum and Public Art Foundation (LMPAF) invite the public to its newest exhibition #CountMeIn, a celebration of the community recognizing their value in civic life through engagement and education on the topic of the 2020 United States Census.

Every decade, the U.S. Census counts every resident in the nation and uses the data to allocate billions of dollars in federal funds to local communities and determines the number of seats each state receives in the House of Representatives. The neighborhoods surrounding the museum have historically have been undercounted, and therefore underrepresented and underfunded, due to various barriers such as education, languages spoken, poverty level, houselessness, race, immigration status and levels of trust.

#CountMeIn began in summer of 2019 and is an ongoing project that builds on community trust by embedding local Artists-in-Residence to lead various art workshops, community gatherings, artist interactions, candid portrait photography sessions and creative place-making activities with the overall goal of encouraging the community to participate in the 2020 Census. The selected Artists-in-Residence directly reflect the communities in which they live and work and provide opportunities for other community members to be seen and heard through public exhibition. Artists-in-Residence for #CountMeIn include creative-placekeeper and Lead Artist for the project, Robin Rosenthal; fine art photographer, Jane Szabo; artist and blogger, Edwin Vazquez; muralist and illustrator, Nuri Amantullah; and the artist collective, Art In Residence. 

Artworks in the #CountMeIn exhibition at Lancaster MOAH stem from collaborative efforts between the Artists-in-Residence and members of the community, featuring crocheted portrait-embedded wall-hangings created in partnership with needle-crafters living at the Antelope Valley Senior Center and three Housing Corporation of America locations, interviews with #CountMeIn participants, and As a Day, a Decade -- an immersive aural/visual installation created by Art In Residence members Nathanial Ancheta, Dave Martin and Janice Ngan. In addition, the exhibition boasts a mural by local artist Nuri Amanatullah, screen-printed works by Clovis Blackwell, and a historic look at the Native Americans as the first communities of the Antelope Valley presented by anthropologist  Dr. Bruce Love. Collaborate and Create, a collection of collaborative artworks by Kipaipai Fellows emphasizing the benefit of networking and community, will also be on display.

The Lancaster Museum and Public Art Foundation (LMPAF), the Museum of Art and History and the City of Lancaster believe that organizations and community leaders must be proactive in educating, encouraging and empowering residents to participate in the Census!

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09/12/20 - 12/27/20
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