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Sasha Swedlund is an artist and designer specializing in painting, textiles, and fashion. Her love for art started as a kid after she took a strong interest in calligraphy and hand lettering. As a teenager, she started working as a mural apprentice and then moved to Southern California to study Fine Art at CalArts. During her time there, she perfected her painting skills in various mediums ranging from acrylics and oils to mixed mediums, surface treatments, and fabric manipulation.

She then studied abroad at Parsons In Paris and learned about digital printing on fabrics, batik, and other surface treatments. After her undergrad, she worked professionally as a sign artist specializing in freehand lettering and illustration for almost a decade until returning to school to attend FIDM in textile design. While at FIDM she was selected for the school's specialty classes like Mimaki and Chairing Styles. She was most recently selected for the Debut Program (Advanced Fashion Design) reserved for the premier students of the school, to create and produce a small collection from concept to runway.

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